Tuesday, February 23, 2010

march born :)

cheerful ? sometimes kot

outgoing ? dreamer? oh yes yes yes!. *suke gile berangan . haha

appreciate kindness and i will return it. oh yes. i promise. :)

creative? sometimes. bile otak berfungsi . :D

peace lover? oh yeah. x suke whatever yang berserabut !

sexy personality ? no komen . tenkiu

good at keeping secrets : ouh. saye x bocorkan rahsia yang ade pada saye. so, i can trusted. :). saye boleh simpan rahsia anda sampai bile bile yang anda mahu. *realy?

sympathies : oh yeah. very very. ahha. soft heart. pengakuan? * oh gosh!

trustworthy and good at keeping secrets in the same thing? no? ouh. statement same .

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